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Unleash The Healer Within



The Shamanic Energy Healer Training Course is as much about healing yourself & your own personal journey as it is about putting you in a powerful position to help other people with theirs.

 This Course Includes Everything You Will Need To  

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Perform energy healing for yourself & another person from start to finish.

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Attune to open your channel to receive & send healing energy.

  Plus  Also  

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Additional remote/distance healing techniques

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Provide a certificate of qualification for a successful therapy practice.

16-Hours of Tutored Training

15-Hours of Home Study

Supervised Support

  You Will Learn  

How to prepare yourself & the space before a healing

Spacial awareness

How to channel energy

Different ways in which we can move & use movement to enhance healing

Permission Slips & how we create & influence reality with our minds

Protection from negative energy & how not to pick up stuff from clients

How to use the breath to enhance healing

Hands-on as well as distance healing techniques

Opening / closing rituals & how to hold space

  In Addition  

Level 1 Energy Healer certificates will be awarded on completion of this course after which further modules are accessible.

Membership of a community of healers for mutual support & growth

Access to Facebook & other social media groups to help with the growth of your healing business & to be a part of a growing family of like-minded people

Invitations to participate in social gatherings & healing events


This is the first part of a modular energy healing course for both beginners & more experienced healers. Each 2 day - weekend long module builds on an ever expanding palette of colourful skills which you will be able to share with friends, family & clients.

This module could be considered a stand alone course as it contains everything you will need to be able to perform energy healing both for yourself & another person from start to finish to a professional standard & also includes a Shamanic Energy Healer Initiation.

The weekend offers plenty of theory as well as practical exercises. You will also learn techniques to protect yourself from picking up unwanted energies & there will also be lots of opportunity to practice.

This course has for years been taught in a workshop environment but has been modified to accommodate our current world situation and thus will be presented over Zoom. The new changes will include a focus on distance or remote healing and offer you the opportunity to share your place with a friend for a discount. (More details below)

Shamanic Energy Healer certificates will be awarded at the end of this module after which further modules of the course are accessible.

The investment in the course is on a sliding scale as we don't want those on a lower income to be excluded. After all the world needs more healers: now perhaps more than ever..

We have a 3 tiered pricing structure so you can choose the one that's most suitable for your circumstances.

The Full price is: £250 (€280)
For those on a lower income: £222 (€250)
Or unwaged with prior agreement: £189 (€212)

If you wish to take advantage of the discount: two people can share a £60 (€66) discount as long as you participate on the course from the same location/Zoom screen. (Discount only available for new bookings)

You are welcome to pay in full or put down a £51 (€60) (non refundable) deposit to hold your place. The rest can be paid anytime before the course.

Please send your payments to: Copal Daselva
Account number: 18049992
Sort code: 04-00-04

Use the reference 'M1ZM20.1' and your name
and do send me a message here too & let me know who your partner is.




Please note previous courses have all been full & sadly some people who wanted to were not able to attend. We recommend you book your place early.

Book now and choose how much you pay.

Choose a price tier or pay a deposit to secure your place.

The World Needs More Healers